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Friday or Shukravar is dedicated to Shakti, the Mother Goddess, and Santoshi Mata, an incarnation of Shakti. Goddesses Durga and Kali are worshipped with utmost devotion and devotees flock to the Shakti temples on this day. Devotees listen to Durga Aarti, Kali Aarti and Santoshi Mata Aarti on this day.


Shukravar fasting begins at sunrise and ends with sunset and devotees wear white dress and partakes in the evening meal that consists of white-colored food like 'kheer' or 'payasam' a dessert made og milk and rice. Great importance is attached to the 'Solah Shukravar Vrats' or the 16 Friday fasts for Santoshi Mata, where a devotee fasts for 16 consecutive Fridays. It is mandatory on the devotee to avoid any sour food items during this sixteen-week long Friday fasting and offer the goddess 'chana' (Bengal gram) and 'gur' (jaggery or solid molasses). Goddess Santoshi Mata grants devotees any wish or desire if she is amply satisfied with the purity of their devotion. Lord Shukra provides happiness and material wealth and the period of Shukra in the devotees' astrological chart is considered to be most productive and lucky.


According to one story, a devotee dishonors Lord Shukra, and later when he faces several untoward incidents, he realizes his mistake, and then begins rigorous fasting to propitiate the god. He is finally amply rewarded.

Color & Gem:

White, Indigo, orange, violet, purple and burgundy colors are preferred on Friday. Diamond is the preferred gem.

Celestial Body:

Venus or Shukra rules Friday.