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The natal horoscope or chart is the phototgraph of the sky at the time and place or your birth. It is unique to you and provides you with information about your basic character traits and potentials. The natal horoscope addresses issues that relate to health, family life, romance, children, education, career and finances. Readings last about an hour. Readings are given in person and over the phone. All readings are recorded digitally and can be emailed.
Price: $100.00

An accurate birth time is essential for an accurate reading

A solar return chart is cast for the precise moment the Sun returns to its natal position. If you have already had your natal chart interpreted and want a look at the year ahead, a solar return reading will describe the astrological factors in play during your birthday to birthday year. This analysis is very thorough, analyzing both the solar return chart and its relationship to the natal chart.
Solar return readings range from 1-2 hours. Readings are given both in person and over the phone. All readings are recorded digitally.
Price: $100.00 per hour 

A relationship reading will compare two or more charts from several perspectives, including traditional synastry and the composite chart. A relationship reading can help you to identify both the strengths and weakness inherent in any relationship.
The time taken for the reading depends on the number of charts involved and also the number of questions and concernd you might have.
Price: $ 100 per hour

Again an accurate birth time for each chart is essential.


This is a great way to undersand your child and provide the guidance that he or she might need.

Price: $100 per hour.

Astrocartography is the art of location astrology. It represents the orbit tracks of the Sun, Moon and planets over the earth for the moment of your birth. This technique allows you to see your most fortunate—and unfortunate—locations at a glance. An astrocartography reading will show you where you’re most likely to find romance, business success or failure, good health or spiritual growth. Astrocartography is especially helpful if you’re planning to move, travel, or expand your business to other areas.

Astrocartography readings generally range from 1-2 hours.
Price: $100.00 per hour 

What happens when you want an astrology reading but you don’t know the exact time of your birth? Many home births are not recorded and hospitals don’t always record the time correctly. An exact birth time is essential for an accurate astrological reading. I can rectify your chart by asking you a series of questions about the timing of the most significant events of your life.

Price: $ 400 minimum.

We am available for private tutoring both in person and on the phone.

Price: $100 per hour. $75 per hour for 10 or more sessions.


Tarot is great tool for when you have one specific question or concern.

Price $100 per hour.

Energy Gem Stones are also available.