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Sidereal Astrology
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We are located in 103 Saint Francis Drive, Suite A, Santa Fe, NM

Please call 505 8197220 for a Consultation.

Before your consultation you will need:

1. Date of Birth

2. Place of Birth

3. Time of Birth (Please note that an accurate time of birth is necessary for an accurate reading)

Most of the above information should be on your birth certificate.

You can also email us on bina@astrologysantafe.com



Mari was born and raised in Washington State and continued her education in Illinois and California. She began her metaphysical studies with Sister Thedra and other teachers in Mt. Sasta, learning The Tarot, Runes, Astrology & Numerology. Early on she discovered the difference between the tropical and sidereal systems. Mari taught classes and practices for many years in Joshua Tree, CA. She is dedicated to the Sidereal (Star Time) Zodiac and studied with ROSA (Registry of Sidereal Astrologers).


Bina Thompkins was born as Bina Shahani, a Hindu from Pakistan. She has lived and worked in eight countries and three continents of this world. Her parents followed Vedic astrology and therefore she was brought up in an atmosphere of understanding and relating to meta-physics. She completed her Masters in Environmental Engineering from Imperial College London in 1998. She now has a very scientific approach to Sidereal Astrology. Mari Red Moon has been her "Guru" for the past 7 years.